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HOMSERS™ Portable Fruit & Vegetables Washing Machine

HOMSERS™ Portable Fruit & Vegetables Washing Machine

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 Remove Up to 99% of Harsh Chemicals In Minutes

Introducing our Portable Fruit/Vegetable Washing Machine, a compact and versatile solution for ensuring clean and safe produce wherever you are. This innovative device utilizes water as a raw material to rapidly degrade pesticides into harmless substances and effectively eliminates virus microorganisms through an oxidation reaction.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

The Portable Fruit/Vegetable Washing Machine employs cutting-edge technology to efficiently remove pesticides and eliminate harmful microorganisms from various food items and kitchenware.

Oxidation Reaction For Microorganism Elimination

The oxidation reaction effectively kills virus microorganisms, providing an additional layer of safety and hygiene for your food and utensils.

Versatile Applications

This washing machine is designed for multi-purpose use, suitable for cleaning fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, grains, tableware, kitchen utensils, and more.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The 4400mAh large-capacity battery ensures extended usage time, allowing you to clean multiple items without the need for frequent recharging.

Experience convenience and peace of mind with our Portable Fruit/Vegetable Washing Machine. Whether you're at home, traveling, or dining outdoors, this compact device offers efficient cleaning and pesticide removal, ensuring your food is fresh, safe, and free from harmful residues. Make healthy choices and prioritize cleanliness with this versatile and reliable washing machine.

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